Recent Performances

So in the last month, I’ve had some pretty fun gigs with a couple of different artists’ and getting travel around in the process.

Jazzi Axton

At the start of March I played with Jazzi Axton at an outdoor event. It was an extremely hot day which I thought would actually put people off from coming, but there was a great turn out in the end. Here’s a picture taken of us playing:


Jody Direen

I then got to play with New Zealand’s country artist Jody Direen down in the South Island. Since it was down in the South Island I wouldn’t get a chance to rehearse with her and I only had about 5 days to learn 2 and a half hours worth of music by ear. It was a great challenge, especially with other musical commitments like rehearsals etc, but in the end it went really well and I loved working Jody and her other guitarist Arun. The gig itself was held in a barn in the outback where a stage was built for us – wasn’t like any gig I’ve really done before. Since it was so far out though, I got to see a bit of the South Island as we drove around. I flew into Queenstown (which was absolutely beautiful) and then drove to Wanaka. From then we drove about another 2-3 hours out towards Fairlie. The next day I had a bit of time to see Jody and her band do their sound check for a rodeo they were playing at. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them play as I had to catch a flight back up north.

Since there was a lot to do and think about I didn’t manage to get any pictures on the night that I played, but took a photo of the band doing their sound check the next day:

Jody Direen

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