‘Grease’ 2016 National Tour NZ

The tour is officially over and I have met some fantastic people, saw some new parts of the country and played almost every night for 6 weeks. I had a blast playing in the show and since we were on stage at times, we had to be in costume and act a little bit too.Continue reading “‘Grease’ 2016 National Tour NZ”

National tour of ‘Grease’

I have been offered to play guitar in Ben McDonald’s production of Grease. We will be going on tour for approximately 5 weeks and have around 2 days of rehearsals. I will be starting off in the Bruce Mason Centre up in Takapuna and then making my down the North and South Island playing inContinue reading “National tour of ‘Grease’”

Mamma Mia Regional Tour NZ 2016 Pictures and Video

Had a great time playing in Mamma Mia with fantastic cast/crew/musicians. The season flew past really quickly and really enjoyed playing through all the tracks every night. I managed to get a couple of pictures with the band mates and also put together a quick video (link under pictures) of the first act of theContinue reading “Mamma Mia Regional Tour NZ 2016 Pictures and Video”

Mamma Mia Regional Tour

In September (2016), I have been asked to play the Guitar 1 part in a regional tour of “Mamma Mia” in New Zealand. Really looking forward to this one as Mamma Mia has been one of the shows I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Got the sheet music last week and decided toContinue reading “Mamma Mia Regional Tour”

New Video

I have been a fan of many different session guitar players like Tim Pierce and Brent Mason over the years, but discovered another player this year called Ryan Haberfield. He plays for Jessie J in her live shows and he also does a lot session work. Anyway, I seen him upload a video clip on InstagramContinue reading “New Video”

Short Update

I’ve recently got my hands on a GoPro Hero and been trying it out at rehearsals and gigs to be able to capture some live footage. It’s fantastic and the quality is amazing. This means I’ll finally be able to start uploading the videos I have been wanting to do for quite some time. IContinue reading “Short Update”

Recent Performances

So in the last month, I’ve had some pretty fun gigs with a couple of different artists’ and getting travel around in the process. Jazzi Axton At the start of March I played with Jazzi Axton at an outdoor event. It was an extremely hot day which I thought would actually put people off fromContinue reading “Recent Performances”

More FM Radio

Happy New Year all! I’m hopefully going to try upload smaller ‘news’ posts more often rather than just uploading large updates to catch up with everything after a long period of time. Here is a little video I recorded a couple of months ago for some fun. It’s the solo from ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’Continue reading “More FM Radio”