Mamma Mia Regional Tour NZ 2016 Pictures and Video

Had a great time playing in Mamma Mia with fantastic cast/crew/musicians. The season flew past really quickly and really enjoyed playing through all the tracks every night. I managed to get a couple of pictures with the band mates and also put together a quick video (link under pictures) of the first act of the show, giving you an idea of what I had to play:

Mamma Mia First Act Guitar Orchestra Pit

Short Update

I’ve recently got my hands on a GoPro Hero and been trying it out at rehearsals and gigs to be able to capture some live footage. It’s fantastic and the quality is amazing. This means I’ll finally be able to start uploading the videos I have been wanting to do for quite some time.

I also managed to get my hands on a Line 6 M5 which has came in handy for session gigs. Instead of having to keep a flanger, phaser, tremolo etc or any effects that I might not use often on the pedalboard, I can just keep the Line 6 on there for when the time calls for one of those effects. For those who aren’t sure of this pedal, definitely check it out, it’s a real ‘Swiss army knife’ of pedals:

Line 6 mM5

The last thing I’ve managed to acquire recently is a 26 year old Made in Japan Squier Stratocaster. It plays great and almost plays as well as my American strat and was only about 10% of the American’s price! Anyway, here’s a picture of it and really short video of me testing out the sustain at my first rehearsal with it:

Japanese squier stratocaster